In the project Mobility 360° we are are working with children to explore the topic mobility of today and tomorrow. Among other things, we also deal with the question: What does mobility and traffic look like in other countries and places?

To answer this question, we are looking for support from all over the world. Show us the mobility in your city with a mini video clip!

The videos will then be used in our workshops in the schools and, if you wish, will also be published on our project website ( School classes are also very welcome to submit a video.

Suggestion for the structure of the video:
Length: 30 seconds – 2 minutes

  1. Greeting (e.g. „Hello, I’m Lisa and I live in Vienna.“)
  2. How does your everyday mobility look like? Which means of transport do you use in your everyday life and why? (e. g. „I am studying at one of the many universities in Vienna. Vienna has a very well developed and fast public transport system. That’s why I use the subway every day to get to my university.“)
  3. Show and/or tell about a highlight regarding mobility in your city. What is unusual or worth mentioning? (e. g. means of transport, requirements in the city, mobility behaviour of the inhabitants etc.)

Please send us your video using the form below. We are looking forward to receiving numerous submissions! Thank you for your engagement!

Video clip submission form

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